Andrew Charles, M.D.
Headache Research and Treatment Program
Department of Neurology
David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA


Education and Training
University of California at Berkeley, Bachelor of Arts, 1982.
University of California, Los Angeles, M.D., 1986.
Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, Internship in Internal Medicine, 1987.
UCLA Department of Neurology, Residency in Neurology, 1987-1990.
UCLA Department of Neurology, Neurology Research Fellowship, 1990 - 1992.

Board Certification
American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, 7/92
Headache Medicine Specialty Certification, 12/07

Honors and Awards
Regents Scholarship to U.C. Berkeley, 1978.
Regents Scholarship to UCLA School of Medicine, 1982.
Bachelor of Arts, Magna Cum Lauda, U.C. Berkeley, 1982.
Outstanding Graduate of 1982, Department of Biology, U.C. Berkeley.
Richard P. Walter Award, Neurology Dept., UCLA School of Med., 1986.
American Academy of Neurology Research Fellowship, 1990.
J. Louis Riehl Research Award, Neurology Dept., UCLA, 1990.
Golden Hammer Award for Excellence in Resident Teaching, UCLA Dept. of Neurology, 1998.
American Headache Society Presidential Lecture Award, 2006.
Harold G. Wolff Lecture Award, AHS 2012. (with co-authors)

Organization Leadership
Program Director, Headache Research and Treatment Program, Department of Neurology, 2004-Present
Board of Directors, American Headache Society 2010-Present
Board of Trustees, International Headache Society 2011-Present
Special Interest Group in Headache and Pain Director, American Neurological Association2009-Present
Headache and Pain Section Member, American Academy of Neurology, 2009-2011
Board of Directors, Headache Cooperative of the Pacific, 2009-Present
Co Chair - NINDS Common Data Elements Project Group for Headache, 2011-Present

Teaching/Administrative Experience
Director of Residency Training, UCLA Department of Neurology Residency Program, 1995- 2001.

Chair of Clinical Neurology Clerkship, UCLA School of Medicine, 1994-2000.

Courses Taught  Basic Neurology M203, UCLA School of Medicine, 1996-98.
Neurological Pathophysiology , UCLA School of Medicine, 1998-present.
Microanatomy A201, UCLA School of Medicine, 1991-1992.
Molecular Cell Biology  M209, UCLA ACCESS Graduate Program, 1995-1996.
Imaging in Neuroscience M272, UCLA Neuroscience IDP, 1997
Techniques in Neurobiology, NS 275 UCLA Neuroscience IDP 1996-1999.
Clinical Neuropharmacology, UCLA Neurology Residency Program 1998-Present.

Laboratory and Clinical Trainees
Marni Harris, Ph.D. 1995-97.
James Costantin, Ph.D. 1996-2000
Elizabeth Yoder, Ph.D. 1996-1998
Luis Beltran, Ph.D. 2001-2006
Albert Lai, M.D., Ph.D. 2001-2006
Kevin C. Brennan, M.D., 2005-2007
Hector Lopez-Valdez, D.V.M., Ph.D. 2005-2010
Marcelo Romero-Reyes, D.D.S., Ph.D. 2006-2010
Marisa Chang, M.D., 2008-2010
Molly Johnston, M.D. 2011-Present
Inna Keselman, M.D., 2011-Present


Neurology Residency Selection Committee, Dept. of Neurology, UCLA School of Medicine, 1993-present.
Graduate Medical Education Committee, UCLA School of Medicine, 1993-2004.
Core Clerkship Committee, UCLA School of Medicine, 1996-2000.
Admissions Committee, UCLA Interdepartmental Neuroscience Program, 1995- 1998.
UCLA School of Medicine Master Plan Education Committee, 1996. 
American Neurological Association Long Range Planning Committee, 2000-2001.
Department of Neurology Appointment and Promotions Committee, 2006-2010
UCLA Campus Wide Committee on Committees, 2007-2009

American Neurological Association Long Range Planning Committee, 2000-2001
Clinical Trial Steering Committee – Amplatzer PFO Occluder Migraine Study, 2005-Present
American Neurological Association Membership Committee, 2007-2009
American Academy of Neurology Annual Meeting Abstract Review Committee 2007-2009
American Headache Society Annual Scientific Meeting Program Committee 2009-Present
American Headache Society Membership Committee 2009-Present
International Headache Society Annual Meeting Program Committee 2009-Present
International Classification of Headache Disorders Migraine Working Group, 2010-Present

Selected Recent Lectures
American Headache Society Presidential Lecture, Los Angeles, 2006.
Japanese Headache Society, Yonago 2006.
Japanese Society of Clinical Neurophysiology, Tokyo 2007.
International Headache Society, Stockholm, 2007.
International Headache Research Symposium, Copenhagen, 2007.
National Headache Foundation/NIH Headache Research Symposium, Bethesda, 2008.
Neurology Grand Rounds University of California at Davis, 2009
Neurology Grand Rounds Washington University, St. Louis, 2009.
Neurology Grand Rounds Penn State University, Hershey, 2009.
Neurology Grand Rounds The Johns Hopkins University, 2009.
UCLA Update on Neurotherapeutics, Los Angeles, 2009.
UCLA Neurology for Non-Neurologists, Los Angeles, 2009.
American Academy of Neurology Teaching Course on Headache, Seattle, 2009
American Academy of Neurology Plenary Lecture, 2009
University of Arizona Neuroscience Symposium, 2009
American Neurological Association Annual Meeting Special Interest Group on Headache, Baltimore, 2009
University of Leiden Neuroscience Symposium, Netherlands 2010
Pri-Med Current Clinical Issues in Primary Care National Conference, 2010
Italian Headache Society, Sorrento, Italy 2010
American Headache Society Plenary Lecture,  Los Angeles 2010
American Headache Society Debate, Los Angeles, 2010
MSD Migraine Scientific Symposium, Berlin, Germany 2010
Lundbeck International Research Symposium in Honor of Jes Olesen, Cophenhagen Denmark, 2010
American Neurological Association Annual Meeting , 2010
East West Pain Symposium, Beijing , China 2010
American Headache Society Clinical Headache Update, Scottsdale, Arizona 2010
American Headache Society Chronic Migraine Education Program, New York, 2010
Neurology Grand Rounds, UC San Francisco, 2011
Artiss Powell Honorary Lecture, Robert Wood Johnson University Medical Center, 2011
American Headache Society Scottsdale Meeting, Scottsdale, 2011.
Mexican Academy of Neurology, Guadalajara 2011.
International Headache Society Teaching Course, Berlin 2011.
Turkish Neurology Congress, Antalya 2011
American Pain Society, Honolulu 2012
American Academy of Orofacial Pain, Pasadena, 2012
Japanese Neurological Society, Tokyo 2012
American Headache Society Annual Scientific Meeting Plenary Lecture, Los Angeles, 2012
American Headache Society Scottsdale Meeting, Scottsdale, 2012
University of New Mexico, Clinical & Translational Science Center and Cellular & Molecular Basis of Disease Seminar Series, 2012
Faculty, American Headache Society Comprehensive Migraine Education Program, in Miami, Atlanta, and Los Angeles, 2012
Faculty, International Headache Society Master School, Tokyo, 2012.

Consultant,  NBC Today Show  Organized and appeared on week-long program on headache, 1995.

Associate Editor,   Cephalalgia ,  2009-Present 

Ad hoc reviewer for:
Brain                                                                                              Journal of Cell Biology
Nature Cell Biology                                                                   Journal of Biological Chemistry
Proceedings of the National Academy of Science         Journal of Neuroscience       
Glia                                                                                                Journal of Physiology
Journal of Neurophysiology                                                    Lancet
Brain Research                                                                            Neurology
Journal of Neurochemistry                                                      Annals of Neurology
Journal of Neuroscience Research                                       Molecular Endocrinology
Molecular Pharmacology                                                       Headache
Neurobiology of Disease                                                           Cephalalgia

Review Panels
Department of the Army, Cell Biology Study Section, 1996.
NIH Molecular and Cellular Neurobiology Study Section, Ad-Hoc Reviewer, 1999.
NICHD Intramural Endocrinology Site Visit Committee, 1999.
State of Louisiana Research Funding Program, 1999-2001.

NINDS Neurological Sciences and Disorders-B Review Committee, 2000-2005

Ad Hoc Reviewer for Multiple NIH Review Committees, 2005-present

Volunteer Service
Clinical neurologist for Venice Family Clinic, 1991-2000

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Patient Publications
Charles, A.C.  Decreasing brain excitability with migraine therapy: targeting glutamate. In ACHE American Committee for Headache Education) newsletter, December 2008.